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Everything is Rechargeable

I was brushing my teeth with my new Sonicare Toothbrush (which are great by the way) before I went out.  My mom walks behind me and says “Is everything you own rechargeable…?” (Sarcastic motherly tone of course)

After almost choking to death from laughter and instantly tweeting the quote, I started to think about what my mom so keenly noticed…everything I own is rechargeable!

My iPhone, my toothbrush, my laptop, my camera….everything I use every single day is  rechargeable.

We are also rechargeable. Sleeping and eating are both forms of recharging, but sometimes we need more extreme measures of recharging.  We need that vacation, we need that career change, we need that big project, we need that escape that helps us recharge our batteries.

Relationships are rechargeable.  Reconnecting with an old friend, calling a distant relative, texting an old coworker, chatting with an old high school buddy on Facebook….these are all ways to recharge a relationship.

That’s why I built Luper. Luper reminds us to “recharge” our relationships.

Everything is rechargeable, we just have to figure how.

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