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How My Friend with Basic Chess Knowledge Almost Beats Me Everytime

By no means am I a chess master.  I do enjoy playing every now and then and consider myself of average skill.  I recognize certain patterns and understand basic strategy.  I’ve won and lost my fair share games to people that are both less skilled and more skilled than myself.

The one person I have the most trouble playing chess with is one of my good friends.  All he knows is the basic moves and understands the object of the game.  His greatest strength in playing chess is he is the most unconventional player I play against.

He will take his queen out early.  He will open with a rook’s pawn.  He will advance a knight so far that you have no idea what do with him.  He doesn’t play offense or defense.  He assembles combinations that drive you crazy.  At one point in the game you think a move he made is the stupidest move ever but turns out to be the greatest.  My biggest fault in playing against him is that I underestimate that unconventional wisdom.

While there is a lot to be said about proven strategies, playing against him made me realize that I need to start thinking about the unproven and out of the box strategies. Sure the unconventional strategy might mean we lose a few games but the lessons we do gain are invaluable and will improve our abilities in the conventional realm.

Following conventional wisdom and conventional strategy can only get us to a conventional place.  True success comes from being unconventional, getting out of our comfort zone, and trying new methods to improve ourselves and our businesses.

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